Adjusting to work after university

15 Jun 2022

Joining the world of work after university can be something of a daunting task! You may be feeling anxious about your new role, your responsibilities, meeting new people, fitting in…the list goes on. Here are a few tips on adjusting to working life post uni.

Take care of yourself

Grads go through so many changes when they start work, so making sure you get enough sleep, exercise and eat well is essential to ensure you’re at peak performance. Stress levels can be high when you start a new job, so looking after your mental health is vital. If you’re in the UK you can receive help and support via the NHS Mental Health Helpline.

Refresh your goals

You’ve finished university so now’s the time to reset your priorities and objectives. Of course, working and paying bills is top of the list, but you can also set other, ‘fun’ goals to work towards. A holiday, buying a car, learning a new skill…

Find time for fun

Your new role in the world of work will take up a lot of your time and energy, but don’t forget to make time to do other things you love. This will help you to relax after a busy day at work. Spend time with friends, visit your favourite places, go to the gym, the cinema… do things for you.

Patience is key

Your first job after leaving uni may not be your dream job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy each step of your career and learn new skills along the way in order to fulfil your future ambitions. Be patient, you’ll get there!

Get support

It’s not easy getting used to life after university, but don’t forget that you’re not alone. Be around your support network, whether it be friends, family or co-workers, and never be scared to ask for help if you’re struggling.