Our International Programme offers the amazing opportunity for you as a graduate (and from any degree discipline) to work in most of our 70 worldwide office locations. All you need to commit to is one year as a minimum at any office. Our sector (International Wealth Advisory) lends itself perfectly to graduates with bold personalities, big goals, drive, enthusiasm, persistence, and a zest for life.

Throughout this intense programme we make it our mission to train and develop you at a fast pace. Our business is fast-paced and fast-moving and you need to be able to handle that - so it’s not for the fainthearted. But for those with the right qualities, it is very satisfying, exciting and financially rewarding way to earn a living. Although this industry may be new for some, or something previously not considered, wanting to know, learn, and master the financial services business must become one of your goals.

deVere Group has created an intensive tailor-made programme to mould candidates into qualified wealth-management professionals within a time-span of just 18 months.

The deVere Group graduate programme starts in Dubai with a period of intense training, providing the trainee with a solid base containing the necessary skills needed to become a successful Trainee Wealth Adviser. Extra preparation will continue in one of our many deVere Academy offices which include but are not limited to: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, New York, Mexico, Geneva, Prague, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong or Sydney all of which offer the opportunity for an active social life. We will also be offering future graduate opportunities at many of our other International offices across Europe, Asia, USA and Australia.

If choosing to partake in the deVere Group graduate programme, you will benefit from the advantage of gaining invaluable practical experience in handling high net-worth clients from around the world. You will also be working alongside highly skilled Wealth Managers, aiding them with their clients’ financial issues. By doing so, you will attain and hone your own networking, client-management and business-development skills.

During this time, you will also read for industry exams offered by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). At the end of the course, you will be prepared to head into your career as a fully-qualified Wealth Adviser.

Who can apply?

Potential trainees should be passionate, competitive, ambitious, persistent individuals who are prepared to put all their energy into their work. You should also be prepared to travel if necessary and work across a global office network, spanning all of Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Being good with people is an absolute must.

Working as a Wealth Adviser in these sensational and varied cities with deVere Group is sure to instil you with cosmopolitan perspective on the challenges and rewards of being an international Wealth Adviser. It will also give you many opportunities to have an active social life, discover and explore new sights as well as meet inspiring people, all in one go.

Recent graduates or students in their final year of university are more than welcome to apply. Sign up now for the deVere Group’s intensive international wealth-advisory training programme and get on the fast track to becoming a fully qualified financial professional!