Here are the questions we get asked most frequently.

Who pays for the accommodation and flight if needed?

We pay for accommodation during your initial first week and 50% of a flight, if needed.

Who pays for exams?

The company will cover the cost of registration with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (C.I.S.I) and the first sitting of ‘Introduction to International Securities and Investment’ examination.

What is the most a graduate has earned?

Our best graduates are at the top end of each of the income bands we have on the site (See under 'Rewards' tab)

What are the start dates?

This year's dates will be confirmed at our meeting, but in general we have 6 intakes each year.

How long is the Graduate Scheme?

The programme is designed for 18 months but may be completed early for high achievers.

Can I choose which city office and country I will work in?

We want to give you the best possible start. We will help you choose the city office where you are likely to be most suited and most successful.

Do I have to have a good understanding of the industry?

No. We know you are intelligent and that we can build up your knowledge of the industry and the business over time. We are more interested in your personality, character and abilities.


Please note

We also have over 500 successful non-graduate wealth advisers working in our prestigious city centre offices around the world. These wealth advisers have differing financial contract terms, quite separate from our Graduate Scheme, and completely separate to both the graduate training content and training schedule. They also vary dependent upon whether these contracts were past or are current. We always aim to improve terms and success going forwards. This sometimes causes confusion online.

For successful applicants all individual questions will be fully answered at the next stage. Please go to 'Apply now'