Anna Kirk

I joined deVere in 2014, after graduating from the University of Nottingham with a 2.1 in Environmental Science. I decided that I wanted to go into the financial sector but was unsure exactly what area. I came across the deVere graduate program and it seemed like an exciting opportunity.

I went to our Malta office on a training program for 8 weeks before being located to the Geneva office where I was based for 18 months as a business development associate supporting and learning from one of the area managers. I have since relocated to our Milan office and been promoted from consultant to area manager where I am now focused on building my own team of consultants.

deVere is such an innovative company to work for and is a great platform for anyone looking to train and work in the financial services sector. Based on my experience so far, it an organisation that provides endless progression for those that want it.

Josh Dixon

I joined deVere on the Graduate Scheme in 2016 after graduating from Bristol with a 2:1 in Business and Management. After I completed my initial training I was offered a number of locations to work and live in. I was told by the training to pick the manager not the location. I chose Barcelona as I knew James Green and another top Adviser and manger were there, two people who had been at deVere a long time and both massively successful.

It turned out to be an excellent decision, I finished the Graduate course in roughly one year, moved to a financial planner role for 6 months and then to Wealth Manager. Within my first year as Wealth Manager I had the honor and privilege of winning best newcomer.

deVere is a fantastic career move for driving individuals and I would highly recommend it.

Stephen Higham

deVere can offer you excellent opportunities for career progression.

I joined in February 2011 after graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a 2:1 in Business Studies. Within 18 months I was promoted to recruitment manager, running my own team from the Malta office. This involved helping to set up the New York office in the Chrysler Building. I spent about a month over there in total, conducting interviews and arranging training. I then moved to Abu Dhabi to work as a financial coordinator and progressed to an advisor in 2015. In 2019, I became an Area Manager.

Promotion here has nothing to do with length of service. It's purely about results. So the harder you work, the further you'll go - and the more you'll earn as well.

James Green

I joined deVere after graduating from Aston Business School with a 2:1 in Business and Management.

I started off working in the Client Services Division, looking after clients in locations where we had no office, and then moved to Barcelona when the division relocated. My path took me to the Abu Dhabi office, where I stepped into advisory. I became the Area Manager for Abu Dhabi and India in 2016. The following year I became the overall Area Manager for Western Europe and Latin America. I've had the opportunity to work with some really driven and successful people.

The products we can offer our clients at deVere are immense, and the exclusive relationships we have with Morgan Stanley make our job so much easier.

Jerome Hall

The level of training I have received from day one till now has never stopped, and is always being updated. The level of support is also second to none, whether it comes from other consultants, your manager, your regional manager or even the CEO, Nigel Green, himself. Nigel spends considerable time making sure we have the best opportunities in our markets, so our clients can safeguard their financial futures.

Then we have our back office administrators, who are always ensuring that everything is in place and being processed. This is essential, as we often have to operate within very short time frames.

deVere is at the forefront of the industry, not only in terms of helping clients have greater control over their futures, but also in terms of ensuring all consultants are fully trained and up to date. During my time with the company, I have been lucky enough to live in some fantastic locations and experience different customs and cultures, all while having my family here by my side. I am currently the Area Manager for Prague.

Craig Dunleavy

I have worked for various companies within the finance industry and have found deVere to be far more advanced. The training, product range and back-office support are all much better.

There's also real enthusiasm here. The company consistently promotes positivity, which has had a direct effect on my motivation and helped me transform into a young professional with a hunger to succeed. My career within deVere Hs taken me to Malta and on to Qatar where I am the Area Manager for the Qatar region.