Putting the client first is deVere Group’s core principle which directs all our actions as individual advisers and as a company.

We are committed to finding and training the right people to join our company; financial advisers who are devoted to giving nothing but the best in financial advice. To facilitate this process, we are constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology, helping our clients with their investment options, making their financial decisions easier, as well as regularly updated training and development courses for our staff, allowing them to provide the best service possible.

We also strive to make strong connections with leading financial institutions; our alliances with some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious investment banks is a point of pride for deVere Group – they allow us to provide our clients with exclusive products and services that can better serve their financial needs.


As the world's leading independent international financial advisory firm, deVere Group is committed to the highest personal and professional standards. Ongoing staff development and unwavering devotion to providing the best financial services have helped safeguard our value and staying power.


All of deVere Group’s employees have the capacity for success, so we play to their strengths and encourage their progress by giving them what they need to grow. However, we are also constantly recruiting enthusiastic and determined people, to help us keep up with and exceed the accomplishments we have achieved so far.

Client-company relationships

Creating fruitful long-term relationships with our clients is a priority for the deVere Group. We are responsive and dependable on all our financial planning projects, and we make ourselves available and accessible to clients at all times. Our services are supported by regular compliance checks to ensure all processes are up to standard. However, we are always available to answer any additional queries you may have.


Keeping our clients’ minds at peace and their assets safe and thriving is our goal, so we observe and uphold all applicable standards of ethics and good practice.

Professional Conduct

The deVere Group team carefully observes all standards of market integrity and good conduct, allowing us to create a productive and positive working environment in all our global offices, which promotes inherent good practice.

No Conflict of Interest

The deVere leadership team strives to work efficiently, professionally and freely without any conflict of interest.