What to expect when graduate job hunting

14 Jan 2019

cvNow that your final exams are over and your days at school have come to an end, the following unavoidable step is hunting for a job.

If this will be your first job, you might want to read the following to know what to expect:

-    Entry level jobs
After studying for years in order to obtain a degree, some graduates expect their dream job to be lined up and waiting. Do not be disheartened by the unlikely chance of this occurring, as needing to start off with a smaller role is often the case. Employers often seek some kind of work experience in addition to a qualification, especially when the role is a well-paying, sought-after role. This is why it is sometimes necessary to settle for something smaller than expected to provide you with your first experience.

-    Competition
There always are plenty of graduates hoping to dip their toe in the job market at the same time each year, making it harder to obtain the ideal job immediately. This is why a degree will not always suffice, and your work ethic and experience will also be relied upon – so make sure to add these to your CV.

-    Tough Selection Process
Be prepared for some job interviews to consist of several different steps. Although a long process might not sound fun, this will not only help your employer get to know you, but it will also help you decide if the job is indeed right for you.

-    Online check-ups
Your online footprint is one of the most crucial aspects when job-hunting. You might be surprised by just how many recruiters and employers like to scroll though a potential employee’s social media, as it can provide insight into your personality. Clear up those messy Saturday night posts from your days at university! Check out our last post to read up on tips to boost your LinkedIn profile.