Is an online education right for you?

26 Nov 2018

laptopIn today’s age, students are fortunate to be able to access a great deal of information online. Whether you are for or against the growing influence of the digital world, one thing is for certain – it sure does make life convenient. Gone are the days when students would spend hours skimming through books to research their studies – in fact, nowadays, many students are choosing to take up their course of education entirely online. As efficient as this may sound, it may not be the ideal solution for everyone. Here are a few points to consider:

-    Location
Perhaps the most obvious feature that studying online offers, is the ability to take up your course from anywhere – literally. This is something to take into consideration if you are busy working or unable to travel to a campus on the daily. It is also worth noting that it would save you a lot of travel expenditures.

-    Full control
A great advantage to studying online is having full control over the way you choose to approach your syllabus, without the typical constraints faced in a physical classroom. However, this also means that students will have to discipline themselves and not procrastinate. Putting off your online lesson or studies till later can be tempting, and for those who are unable to control themselves, the course may end up lasting a lot longer than a regular scholastic module.

-    Flexibility
Online courses offer the opportunity to study at your own pace. If you find yourself lagging in one topic or understanding another instantly, there is no need to limit yourself to the pace of fellow classmates. Additionally, if you work and do not have stable hours, an online course can allow you to adapt according to whatever fits your schedule best – even with last-minute changes.  

-    Independence
Graduating from your online course will inevitably leave you feeling proud of your accomplishments, especially as it would have been taken up without the same level of assistance acquired in a physical classroom. However, that is not everyone’s cup of tea – which is alright. Some students require verbal communication and a present professor to understand their studies better, and online courses may not be ideal in such cases.