Internships – The pros and cons

20 Aug 2018

studentsThinking of taking up an internship post-graduation? Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before making your decision.

Work Experience
Job-seeking can be a difficult task for graduates – A lot of employers are reluctant to hire someone who has no previous work experience. Internships can be a good solution to this problem, which allow you to acquire the skills required in a professional environment.

A taste of your chosen field
Working for a short period of time allows you to gain an insight into a particular industry without making any big steps or committing to the field. Again, this is ideal for graduates who want to test the waters.

Internships are an effective way of being noticed for your hard work and determination. If you are able to impress the people in your field with a motivated approach, your future could be profoundly affected by your days as an intern. Strive to build meaningful connections with the people that matter, and remember that some interns end up being hired by the same firm they interned for!

Boosting your CV
Internships are generally considered to be a great feature on a Curriculum Vitae. Added work experience is always an attractive feat. Besides this, you can keep track of your duties and accomplishments and add them to your CV or LinkedIn page.

A lot of internships are unpaid, and while this may not be a problem for some, it could mean struggling and having to budget expenditures accordingly for others. It is important to confirm if the internship will be a paid one or not. Even if paid, most internships do not offer a competitive wage to try and attract talent, which is important to keep in mind.

Menial work
Internships, in some companies, can sometimes include menial work – such as being assigned to fetch coffee. As unenjoyable as this may sound, one may see it as an opportunity to continuously build connections.

Internships are not always considered to be valuable work experience, but as we’ve listed here, there are several advantages to consider. For some people, internships can be a great way to break into the working environment and prepare for a future. For others, internships are less of a necessity. Hopefully this article has given you a clearer indication of what interning could mean for your career!