How to survive your first year of university

02 Oct 2018

Sitting at deskWith the new scholastic year having just begun, there is no better time to prepare for the year ahead than now. Years at university will bring about their challenges, but they also will be some of the most enjoyable ones you’ll ever have. For those who are just starting university and are unaware of what to expect, the first couple of weeks might require some adapting – so we’re providing a few tips to get through and make the most out of your first year:

Plan ahead
Procrastination is an unhealthy habit that most students have suffered from at one point or another. However, in order to eliminate last-minute stress, planning ahead is of utmost importance. This includes reading the syllabus to familiarise yourself with what topics you will be covering, researching assignments in advance, staying up to date with your studies and class schedules, as well as making lists whenever necessary.

Look after your health
The way you manage your time outside of university is just as crucial to your productivity as the hours spent working in class. For starters, managing your diet and nutrient intake can guarantee a better level of energy. In order to avoid losing concentration or falling asleep in a lecture, sleeping for the recommended number of hours is important. To do that, you must manage your time wisely and not get work done too late in the evening. Lastly, exercise when you get the chance – At home, on campus or at your nearby gym.

Balance your studies, relaxation time and social life
Enjoying some free time with friends will improve your overall university experience. Feeling like your life revolves entirely around academic obligations might result in burn out, so do take advantage of your calmer hours and spend them doing something you enjoy.

Befriend classmates and build connections
University is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share the same passion for a field of study, as yourself. It is a time in your life that may very well result in some long-lasting friendships, so do strike up a conversation with your classmates and enjoy all that this new experience has to offer.

Lastly, remember that not settling or feeling comfortable straight away is normal, so don’t be too hard on yourself, and instead, enjoy this special time in your youth and learn from it.