How to build a great LinkedIn profile

13 Dec 2018

LinkedIn phoneLinkedIn provides a perfect opportunity for graduates to get their name out there, connect with potential employers and kickstart a career. Never underestimate your online presence in the professional world – it could make or break your career. Here are some tips to create a great LinkedIn profile:

-    Profile photo
Your professional photo is one of the most important features on a profile. It is what employers will use to recognise you by, and a lack of one can seem as if you have something to hide. Get a professional photo taken purposely or keep it simple and stick to a photo of yourself smiling against a plain background. Avoid low quality phone images or selfies taken on a night out at all costs, as they can give off the wrong impression.

-    Biography
Your biography is also an extremely important part of your profile. The description should summarise your career’s role, an explanation of your professional persona, what you are seeking and what you have to offer. Keep it concise and catchy enough to attract others! A long piece of text can discourage readers who have limited time to spend browsing your profile.

-    Experience
Your experience section should be used to sell yourself. List your experiences and explain what your roles consisted of, as well as any particular achievements reached in those roles. If you lack experience, aim at securing internships and including projects or brief activities you partook in at university.

-    Skills
When inputting skills onto your LinkedIn profile, avoid the predictable ones – such as communication or leadership skills – and instead choose ones which would boost your career aspirations. For instance, people in marketing should pick skills related to social media, SEO or market analysis to list.

-    Networking
Finally, once you have completed your profile, be sure to send requests to others in your same industry and make yourself known. Do not forget to connect with people in high positions and message a potential employer. Remember that having more connections equates to a higher post reach!