Common mistakes made by job-seeking graduates

02 Nov 2018

interviewOnce you have graduated from university, hunting for the right job is the following step. For first-timers, small mistakes may easily happen – and in a competitive job market, they may severely impact your chances of being hired!  We are sharing the most common mistakes among job-seeking graduates, and how to avoid them:

-    Rushing into your job search
As tempting as it may be, rushing into your job searching process may waste your time on roles that are not ideal for you. Upon graduating, research your industry well and figure out what it is exactly that you are looking for. Aspirations may change, but entering the job market with a clear sense of direction is essential. It is important to know which roles will benefit you and your resume.

-    Providing a messy resume
Recruiters skim through plenty of applications per role, and only few will stand out. Make it your mission to have that attention-grabbing resume be yours. Be mindful of grammar errors, as these can be terribly off-putting – especially when competing for a role with others who may share the same skills as yourself but boast better grammar. Each detail counts!

-    Not preparing for the interview
There is nothing worse than showing up to an interview and not knowing how to answer the typical question: “What do you know about our company?” Not researching the people you will be working for and what the company represents is considered unprofessional. Be prepared and bring all documentation you think you may need – never show up empty-handed!

-    Forgetting to follow up
Many candidates forget to contact the employer/recruiter after an interview, but remembering to do so may leave a good impression and remind your interviewer of who you are. This is also a good opportunity to mention something you have forgotten to mention in the interview.

-    Not keep tracking of the jobs applied for
Surprise phone calls from an employer are not a rarity, so it is best to be prepared. Keep track of the jobs you have applied for, as not knowing who you are speaking to or the role in question will not be the best first impression.

-    Giving up
The job search will not always work as planned, or results may not be immediate. Keep in mind that this is normal and will be worth the wait, so continue trying!

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