Are Zoom interviews any different?

20 Apr 2021

It is clear that as long as the coronavirus pandemic is still around, we can’t go back to normality. Jobs interviews have also changed drastically: you’ll no longer shake your employer’s hand, no longer hand over your CV and no longer be in the same room as the interviewer. Many have various opinions about this being a positive or negative thing, as it may decrease the level of stress, even though for some, technology isn’t their stronger suit therefore adding on to the stress pile. As a result, most companies that are recruiting are carrying out their interviews online via Zoom, a platform for video meetings that is easily accessible and downloadable. 

Know Zoom

Get familiar with the app and its settings. Don’t wait until your interview to figure out how the app works! Make sure to download Zoom before your interview and look up its features as you’ll be more comfortable. Double check the time of your interview and see if there’s any time zone differences to consider. In addition, test your speakers and your microphone – ensure that everything is working well before the interview to avoid any technical difficulties during the meeting and it will help show your potential employer that you took time to prepare. The phrase “Can you hear me?” has been repeatedly overused in the past months due to such errors, so let’s try to minimise it and have one less thing to worry about. 


Now that you’ve got Zoom all sorted, start preparing for your interview. This part of the interview process is no different from the old times. If you take time and prepare, you will feel more confident in your abilities. Research the company carefully by reading through their website and try to a few things you can fit in the interview. This will leave a good impression and also help if the interviewer asks you for specific information in a bid to find out how interested you are in the role. Keep a copy of your resume, a copy of the job posting, and some notes close by. You can get more ideas on how to ace your interview here.

What to wear

Attire is still important, irrelevant if the interview is taking place in a boardroom or online. There are a few items to consider, apart from your wardrobe that will help give your employer a better opinion of you. The room – where will you be staying during the interview? Will you be blurring the background? Getting this right will surely show how professional you are. Going back to the previous point, test the camera and see what is showing in the background: remove any inappropriate or distracting pictures you may have hanging on the wall. What to wear mainly depends on the industry and the job, therefore you will have to see if a suit, formal wear or smart casual is more fitting. Go for solid colours and avoid fabric patterns.  


Timing is key, make sure you’re not late. Have your laptop and Zoom ready ahead of the start time of the interview. Keep in mind that the interviewer may be using the same meeting room for all their interviews so do not enter the room much earlier but just before the start time. We suggest that you’ll be ready and in front of your laptop about 10 minutes before the time of the meeting, taking that period to go over your notes, compose yourself and relax. Around 2-3 minutes before the scheduled time, enter your Zoom meeting comfortably. 


This is how you will need to convince the employer that you’re the right person for the job. During the meeting, talk slowly and clearly – you may have the greatest internet connection, but it’s still essential that you don’t rush through your answers. Moreover, the Zoom call might cut out for a second from time to time, so it’s better to play it safe. Even though you aren’t in the same room as the interviewer, keep your body language in check. Maintain a firm posture, look at the camera and not the screen to keep eye contact and avoid tapping your feet or hands. Despite being miles away from each other, there are still ways to pick out these habits that may show that you’re nervous. Avoid folding your arms and playing with your hair but keep it professional. If you’re listening, show that you’re interested by nodding and smiling. 

Last but not least, make sure you’ve left the room before letting out that big sigh of relief! Good luck!