What to take in a job interview

29 Jul 2021

You’ve a job interview coming up for a job you’ve always dreamed about. Reasonably enough, your nerves are kicking in, your outfit is ready, and you’ve done your research on the company to gain more insight. However, what most tend to forget is what to bring in with them on the day of the interview. You shouldn’t go to the interview with your hands in your pocket

Your CV

Sure, you’ve already sent in your CV along with the cover letter but it’s still important to take a few other copies with you. Take around four or five copies in case there are others present in the meeting and you can hand them a copy. Keep the copies in a separate folder to ensure they don’t bend or wrinkle. 

Any questions

Jot down any questions you may have about the company on a piece of paper – this will show that you’ve come prepared and that you’re interested in the company and how it operates. The interviewer is very likely to ask you, towards the end of the interview, whether you have any questions to ask – and this is when you highlight that interest. It’s suggested that you write them down beforehand rather than remembering them, as it’s easy to go blank amid that tension! 

Pen and paper

The interviewer is taking down notes about you and your set of skills and you should be writing notes as well. Not about the interviewer’s skills, no. Write down anything in particular that is said during the interview that is important, anything that you think of whilst the interviewer is speaking so that you don’t interrupt them or any questions you’d like to ask. It’s okay to write notes during the interview – but make sure that you make it short and quick so that you don’t spend too much time looking down. Eye contact and keeping the conversation going is critical.

Bottle of water

You’ve entered the building, asked for the HR manager at reception and you’re asked to take a seat whilst you wait. Nerves are kicking in and suddenly you noticed that your mouth has gone dry. Take a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated and feel fresh as you go into the meeting room. 

Mints or gum

Oral hygiene is very important, and cleanliness is something that most companies look for in an employee. Take some mints, gum or floss with you in order to keep your oral hygiene in good state and help increase your confidence. 


Don’t carry the list of items mentioned above in your hands. Put everything in a smart-looking bag to ensure a professional look. Research the company before to get a feel of what their office culture is like and dress accordingly.