Tips on joining the world of work

16 May 2022

You’ve done it! You’ve got the job! Well done! You steered through the application process, nailed the interview and are now about to enter the world of work. Transitioning from a student to a professional is a big move, so here are a few tips to consider when you first start work.

First day

You’re bound to be nervous, but here are a few things to concentrate on to ace your first day in your brand new job.

Make sure you’re super organised. There’s going to be so much to take in on your first day so you may feel somewhat overwhelmed. Being as organised as you can will help you to stay on top of things whilst you’re settling in to your new role.
First impressions are vitally important, so be friendly to everyone! After all, you’re going to be working with these people every day for months or years!
Network! This is crucial to making new friends, acquaintances within the industry and often business partners. Networking can help you to advance on your career path more quickly.
Get used to the tech or systems at your place of work. It may be different to what you’ve been used to, so ensure you have a good handle on it. Remember, if you’re unsure, ask for help.

Work-life balance

Having a healthy work-life balance is far more important than many of us think, and can be especially tough if you work from home. Check out some of these tips to improve your work-life balance.

Step away from your desk. Staring at a computer screen all day can be incredibly tiring, so when it’s your down time, leave your gadgets alone for a while! Perhaps go to the gym, walk the dog or read a book.
Spend time with friends. Not just colleagues at work, but make sure you spend time with others not associated with your workplace to really switch off.
Listen to your body. Too many late nights could lead to unproductive days so listen to what your body needs. Whether it’s more sleep or more exercise, this is key to achieving a good work-life balance.