24% of workers in UK now hybrid: poll

24 May 2022

Around a quarter of workers in the UK are now hybrid working, whilst almost half are solely working in the office, according to official figures out this week. Data from the Office for National Statistics revealed the number of employees dividing their time between home and the office rose to 24% this month, an increase from 13% in February when lockdown curbs were easing in England and Scotland. In addition, the percentage of those just working from home declined from 22% to 14% over the same time period, whilst 46% of people surveyed in May said they exclusively work from the office.

What are employers saying?

An increasing number of employers are eager to embrace remote or hybrid working, yet businesses need to make sure those working from home have the same opportunities as on-site staff, according to BrightHR CEO, Alan Price. He added that employers should provide clear communication channels to connect with remote workers in the same way as office-based staff. “With more employees working from home than ever before, it’s important employers take steps to ensure their workplace is safe and comfortable,” Price went on to say. This was echoed by head of consultancy at Timewise, Amy Butterworth who said companies must make sure employees always feel connected and managers need sufficient training to be able to manage teams with varied requirements and working patterns. “Being a great employer means being great at flexible working. And that’s not something you can learn through osmosis,” she said.

Working from home

The ONS findings also showed 78% of those who sometimes worked from home enjoyed an enhanced work-life balance. Also, 53% said they had fewer distractions at home; 52% completed their work more quickly; and 47% saw improvements to their wellbeing. In addition, 60% of companies reported an improvement in staff wellbeing from hybrid working. Other benefits of hybrid working included reduced overheads and increased productivity. "Remote working has undeniably created opportunities for both employees and employers, but there have been downsides too,” said Ian Moore, managing director of Lodge Court. “Employers need to think beyond technology and skills training and remember the importance of people management in every office, virtual or otherwise,” he added.